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What is a cigarette?

In the world there are many types and brands of cigarettes. Smokers in many countries prefer cigarettes with different strength and with a variety of flavors and aroma characteristics, they choose among hundreds of brands, but the most popular worldwide are Marlboro, Camel and Winston cigarettes. So, what’s common among all brands? Of course, it’s the cigarette’s construction.


In the production of cigarettes, as a rule, are used many varieties of tobacco grown in different countries, and mixed in a certain way in order to meet the diverse tastes of smokers. In the manufacture of cigarette are used three main types of tobacco: "Virginia" (or heat-cured tobacco), "Burley" and "Oriental". Preferences of cigarettes smokers in different countries are diverge. For example, in Britain the majority of smokers prefer so-called English-bags cigarettes, which consists mainly of "Virginia" tobacco, while many American consumers are choosing a blend that includes all three above-mentioned types of tobaccos.

Cigarette paper

In the production of cigarettes is used a special breathable paper, which affects the stability of the formation of ash and the level of smoking components entering the smoker's lungs. Paper of the higher porosity, i.e. air permeability, is used in the development of cigarettes with low tar.


The filter is designed to reduce the amount of smoke and some of its components falling into the smoker. Most filters are made of organic fiber - cellulose. Cellulose does not have its own flavor and is strong enough to maintain its shape. Along with other design elements of cigarettes, such as ventilation, use of filters with different filter efficiency can reach different levels of tar and nicotine, and eventually - castle different taste and flavor intensity of tobacco smoke.

Aeration Cigarette is ventilated in order to reduce the level of smoking components, primarily tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. All cigarettes are ventilated by natural air permeability of cigarette paper; in addition, many cheap cigarettes are ventilated through perforated filter rim. In the process of tightening the air coming through the perforations, is mixed with the smoke coming from the zone of smoldering cigarettes. Ventilation is the primary filter and binding characteristics of discount cigarettes with low tar.


Tobacco smoke is perhaps one of the toughest and most active of the studied compounds in the world. Like many other natural substances, tobacco contains thousands of components (currently there are identified about 2500). In the process of burning tobacco, depending on temperature and oxygen concentration are formed around 4000 smoking substances, but concentrations of most of them are very small.

Mainstream smoke is a smoke that enters the smoker's respiratory system when it is tightened, and a side stream smoke is a smoke that is released from the smoldering end of cigarette.

The complex structure of cigarette smoke is one of the difficulties faced by researchers when trying to determine what components and substances of tobacco smoke have an impact on the health of the smoker, causing certain diseases associated with smoking.

Published: Friday, August 03, 2012